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Kirk Marsh is an internationally exhibited fine art photographer. He is an environmental portrait photographer and digital artist. His work uses a strong sense of post production to enhance a cinematic transportive narrative. His subjects are engaged in their environment and action. Kirk’s love for humor certainly is seen in his images. His work can be seen in advertising campaigns, editorial stories and fine art galleries.

With a background in the performing arts and circus (he toured with The Greatest Show on Earth for a year...and went to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College as well as touring his solo silent comedy show around the world to over 53 countries) he has a style that is influenced heavily by magical realism and the fictions of our own minds.

Sunday February 23rd

Steve Mullen

Wood Karma

Steve Mullen has always had a passion for the ocean and everything living in it.

After discharge from the US Navy, he began an apprenticeship as a carpenter.

A few years later he was accepted into the photography program at the Antonelli Institute of Art in Philadelphia where, upon graduation, was offered a staff position and soon became a department head.

He opened Steve Mullen Photography in the mid eighties. His artistic talents attracted many national accounts which won him numerous awards.

Some of the assignments involved shooting underwater in exotic locations where he got to experience being one with the sea.

In 2008 Steve revisited woodworking by designing and building hand drums which evolved to leading workshops with the Wanderlust Music and Yoga Festivals.

He then combined his artistic talents and woodworking skills with his greatest love, the ocean.

His current work represents that passion.

Steve is an avid surfer, scuba diver, windsurfer and kayaker living on Anastasia Island, FL.

Sunday March 29th

Jean Ellen Fitzpatrick

Sunday April 26th  4-8

Watercolors by Saint Augustine's own Jean Ellen Fitzpatrick are well known by many of our residents.  Her book illustrations, renderings of Florida's landscapes, and her ability to capture the real essence of Florida are truly unique. 

Joe Rocco

Sunday May 31st.  4-8

Pat Madden

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