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Wendy Tatter



Although she was born in Baltimore, Maryland, Wendy always felt the call of the islands. Abandoning her studies at Virginia Commonwealth University to follow her tropical infatuation, Tatter lived in the West Indies, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brasil.

Tatter was introduced to the art of batik in Mexico while attending Instituto Allende. Fascinated by the technique, she has developed a style all her own. Her work often reflects the people and places from her travels and has been exhibited and collected worldwide.

Jon DePreter



Mixed Media Botanical Series

Most of the natural material used in this work is either from our yard in Lighthouse Park or from the surrounding subtropical maritime hammock. I have attempted to weave and combine these botanical shapes with man made items such as metal, buttons, wood veneer and fishing gear. The work was inspired by the gestural rhythm of the clinging/hanging/growing flora and the patterns of the connected network of botanical life around me.


John Martini



John Martini lives and works in Key West, Florida and Veuxhaulles-Sur-Aube, France. His sculptures are shown internationally in galleries and museums including Lucky Street Gallery in Key West, Sandler Hudson Gallery in Atlanta, GA, the Shidoni Annual in New Mexico, Gallerie Antoine Laurentin in Paris, France and Galleria Santamarta in Milan, Italy.


His works are extensively represented in private and public collections including the large installation "Head2Head" at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey.


M.J. Johnson



I believe in the value of my work, when worn as adornment, is to nurture an attitude of worthiness. When we celebrate ourselves and our lives we express thoughts of being deserving and valued. It is then that we share ourselves less selfishly and create a nicer place to live. It is my wish that these pieces be worn as expressions of creativity, self-celebration and lightheartedness


Debbie Tunstall



Debbie Tunstall is a local Saint Augustine potter, living and working out of her home studio in the Lighthouse park area of Anastasia Island. Graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in art, she transitioned from the medium of painting to pottery after falling in love with the artistic and practical application of clay. 

Primarily self-taught, Debbie has also attended various classes and workshops, most recently the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina and Taos Clay in Taos, New mexico. She specializes in functional pottery and throws fires and glazes unique pieces that are food, dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe.


Celeste Cohen 



I have been working in clay since I was 10 years old. It all started when my mom, who is a painter, took me with her to her college ceramics class. I had no instruction, but just

loved it. Always creative, I grew up surrounded by art. My parents had many artist friends

so we were always going to gallery openings.

I attended Boston University and got a major in Business with a minor in Art. I developed my sculpture full time beginning in 1989, doing art festivals in South Florida, then having multiple exhibits in galleries across the U.S. My artwork is playful, imaginative,  and childlike. I enjoy bringing  happiness and good energy to others through my creations.





R.J. 's metal sculptures are created using scrap metal from discarded satellite dishes, and old box fan, or an oven drip pan. Using these scrap materials R.J. uses metal rods for legs, wire for binding and a plasma cutter to shape his creatures. After welding and detail work is completed, 4 clear coats of varnish are applied.

R.J. Higgins says" My work is my therapy, finding my new normal after a severe spinal injury that initially rendered me paralyzed from the neck down. Creating helps me build strength in my hands and arms. This is how my energy manifests itself now."

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